Puddle wonderful

Well *that* was an interesting run. 18 kilometres in rain that didn’t stop for a single moment.

Not one.

My alarm buzzed at 6am. I dragged the duvet further over my head, grimaced at the sound of rain outside and cursed a scratchy sore throat.

Damn it, I thought. Shouldn’t run in this.

But a peep out the window revealed clearing skies so I hurled myself out of my cocoon, shuffled into the kitchen and wolfed down a Breakfast of Champions.

10 minutes later I was in the car heading towards Centennial Park and ominous clouds.

My mood shifted after a warm ‘Anne Massey hug’ and smiles from the girls.

Soon we were charging up the hill, unaware we were about to be pelted for two hours with freezing rain.

It was 7 degrees.

Running up Heartbreak Hill, I was surprised at how strong I felt… Strong mind. Strong body. Steely determinationCertainly the training regime is working. But a big part of feeling good on my runs is the people I run with. They are strong. And kind. And very, very funny… sometimes with a humour so dark that if you told others what you were laughing at, they would think you’d gone a bit… koo-koo.

It’s how we deal with bad stuff. Like cancer. And heartbreak. And silly stuff. Like anotherdodgyonlinedate.com.

I hit the halfway point and turn around to head home. I look down as the coach points a camera at me and realise I’m wearing a white singlet with a black bra underneath.

White singlet.

Pouring rain.

Get my drift?

Pounding back down Heartbreak Hill with knockers flying from one side of Rose Bay to the other… in a see-through singlet…. that has the remnants of a  brown sports gel smeared across it.

Christ, Kirk, I think. You are one classy bird.

It is so cold outside that my right thumb and most of my right arm is numb. I can’t close my fingers into a fist because my fingers are so swollen.

I arrive at the car and blast hot air onto my feet. I can’t work out why the air is cold. But it’s not. My legs are so numb that I can’t feel the hot, hot air blowing on them.

Back home I catch my reflection. My skin is bright pink and pruned. It takes me an hour to get warm. I eat my second Breakfast of Champions and crawl under the duvet, pulling it back over my head.

And I realise that it’s quiet.

The rain has stopped.

I’m running all this way to raise money for young cancer researchers. Pleeeeeeeease sponsor me! http://cantoobsrf2013.gofundraise.com.au/page/KirksMarathonMadness

My 6am face pre-training face

My 6am pre-training face and the lovely Margie

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