Don’t forget the charity

Sometimes, when you sign up for a charity challenge, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘challenge’ and forget about the charity.

This week, a relative that I’ve not been so good at keeping in touch with, someone my age, told me that her mum has cancer – and sadly, the prognosis is poor. We haven’t seen each other for many years but the pain for someone losing their mum is raw.

Throughout my training, selfishly, I’ve pretty much just focused on the running and my writing. But this week, I want to focus on the cause. And, in fact, it should always be about the cause.

So here it is.

I’m raising money for Cure Cancer, a charity that funds young cancer researchers. Young researchers that may not otherwise get funding because they don’t have a track record and that’s one of the criteria for most of the government money.

The seed funding provided by Cure Cancer is important because it gives young people with new ideas a chance to test a hypothesis. Surely, for something as important as life or death, we should give people a chance.

I can’t bear the thought of people dying of cancer – let alone someone who featured prominently in my childhood. Someone’s mum.

It’s a shitty, crappy, arsehole of a disease and it’s important to me that I do my bit.

Will you do yours? Sponsor me here.

For Joan x

I’m running the half marathon through the Can Too program to raise money for cancer research. I hope you might pop a penny or two in my donation box:

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  • Hey Kristen,

    First I want to say I’m so sorry for the bad news you received. You probably know I’m all to aware of this since it’s run in my own family with both parents.

    I know that people have charity events all the time but a lot fail to remember the cause. We’ve given to MD Anderson Cancer Center each year for probably 45 years now! They are just a regular donation for our family so I wish I could forget the cause at times. At least my poor Dad isn’t suffering from it any longer.

    I wish you the very best of luck and I have no doubt you’ll raise a lot of money and awareness. Good for you.

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